1. Alvin

    Wow, what a powerful & effective illustration…! We praise God for your creativity, attention to detail, and steady hands…!

    Peace & Blessings…!

  2. Tom Robinson

    This was absolutely amazing AND extremely encouraging and a great surprise!! Thanks. A POWERFUL point!!!

  3. Alan Pittman

    That domino wall was THE most effective visual illustration I have ever seen. John’s message was incredibly powerful without the wall. But, the wall just took it up to “a whole ‘nother level!” Thanks so much for putting together something so incredibly impactful!

  4. Phil Flournoy

    Unforgetable!!! What a labor of love- nerves of steel – and laser focus!
    Seriously, it was such an amazing illustration and will be permanently etched in my mind. One of the highlights of the conference!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  5. Lane Keeter

    I agree wholeheartedly w/ what Alan said above. And I’ll never forget the sound of my wife saying “Un Uh” as the blocks domino’d towards the wall & she realized what was about to happen! So cool!!

  6. Ev'marie Peach

    I was so glad to see someone recorded this as I was wishing I had at the conference. This visual was great and helped hit home what John was saying. I hope to be sharing this message with our marriage ministry team and what an impact this can be; getting it right just one time.. the ripple/domino effect!

    • Thanks Ev’marie! Keep a lookout for the resources for all of the content from MMTC. Our video guy is furiously processing all that content, and the marriage team will let conference attendees know when it’s up.

  7. I did not make this session but seeing the video was powerful. It really took incredible team work, focus and most of all a convincing belief that strong marriages does have a tremendous domino effect in the community-Strong families leads to strong God honoring communitties. Thanks for being my local Church which shepherds me and allows me to shepherd others. You are truly God’s grace to me.

  8. This was such a great–and unexpected–illustration. It will stick with me for years to come as I endeavor to reach one at a time. Thank you for all your hard work!

  9. Carol Mann

    Awesome visual .. kudos to the servants that sawed and put it together . I can’t tell you the impact the whole conference had on me and my husband it was all such a blessing . Thank you so much for all of your hard work and planning . I facilitate a divorce care program at our church and I am looking forward to when we start up the Reengage marriage program to hopefully stop people from giving up on each other and giving their selves to God and therefore engaging what God can do with their life that will have a domino effect on not only their walk with God , their marriage but the community they live in ..
    His Joy is real

    • Thanks Carol! Thank you for being faithful! Remember, even after divorce, God’s story’s not done. I have several friends who God brought back together and are now remarried. Gal 6:9

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